Universal destination of goods

If we want the common good to be a practical and effective reality we cannot ignore everything surrounding the use of goods and the right of property. Christian tradition has insisted on the fact that we are not absolute and exclusive owners of goods but just administrators of the goods that God had placed on our hands.

Economic life 1

The economy is a critical reality in human beings life because it’s the way to organize the production and distribution of goods to answer people needs. Because of that, the economy is politics as the human activity on social life it is. There are no parallel realities: politics in one side and economy on the other.

Economic life 2

In order to achieve an economy with a human face, it is necessary to answer some fundamental questions related to economic life through the perspective of human dignity and the common good. Why should we produce? According to the social doctrine, the goal for the economy is the satisfaction of human needs understood in its big sense: material, cultural and spiritual needs.

Human labor 1

We are so used to think on work just as an economic variable that it is hard for us to understand its true meaning. The question of work is both a basic and fundamental political question. It is an essential key to the social life because it is an essential scope of human existence.

Human labor 2

The work ’s not only a mean to have incomes. The social doctrine treats the work also as a duty, a self-responsibility and a responsibility with the neighbor. We must contribute with own work to both familiar and social life because it is an essential way of mutual service. It is a way humanization and self-fulfillment.


In the scope of work, we shouldn’t ignore nor stop talking about the enterprise, which is an essential social institution for a better-accomplished value of human work. The existence of enterprises has to be founded on three pillars: the free initiative on the economy, the social nature of human work and the needs of society.

The care of creation

Social doctrine addresses us to the responsibility for the care of nature based on the universal destiny of goods and also based on the mutual responsibility we have for the others. The care of the common house is the responsibility human beings have in the creation the same way as the care for their inhabitants.

The international community

The development isn’t just a rightful aspiration but a right for peoples. Because of that, when we look at reality through the eyes of impoverished people we can perceive the urgency on transforming the society model because there exists a great contrast between wealth, the big scientific and technical possibilities and the impoverishment of billions of people.

The international community 2

On our world, it coexists the situation of peoples deprived of the very basics for a dignified way of living with other societies where exist an overabundance of all kind of material goods. This situation among others is clashing with the right to development we all have.

Migrations 1

We cannot talk about the international community without taking a look at the migratory phenomenon. Usually, we talk about it using a deformed speech, as if it was a problem in itself. It is proper to talk about migrations as a great human phenomenon which turns into problems when it is bad-managed.

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