Solidarity and subsidiarity

The common good. Let’s imagine its searching as a labyrinth where we must reach the center. In that case, solidarity would be the very map and subsidiarity would be the marks inside the map.

The hedonistic and individualistic society has deformed reality turning it into a good feeling without consequences on our way of living nor our social organization. This is absolutely false. Solidarity demands justice. To show solidarity with others, it demands, first of all, to show it with impoverished people, who are the biggest victims of injustice. To do that, we have to change most of our habits and customs. Solidarity is born on the recognition that we are all really responsible for all.

To make solidarity something real, we need people and groups living it, a culture supporting it and organizations and institutions being appropriate channels to build it in social life. The state must channel and promote social solidarity and it must control and correct those tendencies that deviate toward the lack of solidarity.

To say subsidiarity is to say that solidarity, to be really human, it must be guided through liberty promotion and, also, that social troubles must solve in its appropriate level.

Let’s take an example. There are a lot of neighbors struggling in a town because of local trouble. It must be the Town Hall the one solving that and not the central government.

Let’s imagine now that there are a lot of towns struggling because of a bad administration. In that particular case, it must be the central government the one intervening in the situation and not the town hall we talked about a few moments ago.

However, hedonistic individualism is also deforming subsidiarity to adapt it to its own benefit. Subsidiarity is false if it’s not linked to solidarity.

The searching for the common good must be the foundations and sense of the political community. This way, solidarity, and subsidiarity would be the regulatory principles of political life.

DSI sentence

The principle of solidarity is a direct demand of human and Christian brotherhood.

Catechism of the Catholic Church n. 1939


Looking at our more next reality, What can we do to help for solidarity growing?

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