The project

The Work Brotherhood of Catholic Action (aka. HOAC) has carried out over the last few years a training project on Social Doctrine of the Church, aimed at Christian workers. In this sense, the HOAC edited the book “The dignity of the person and the common good“, whose objective is to grant knowledge and able working the Social Doctrine of the Church (DSI) in groups, communities, parishes, movement, etc.

HOAC has advanced the project by hosting this website ( to continue offering answers to the formative needs on the Social Doctrine of the Church (DSI) in all the countries of Africa, Asia, Central America, South America and Europe, where there can exist movements of Christian Workers integrated in the World Movement of Christian Workers (MMTC). This website can be accessed with educational purposes and videos hosted on Youtube can be viewed anywhere in the world.

This educational proposal consists of a presentation video and twenty-two thematic videos, grouped into three categories: the political community (5 videos), the economy of the common good (11 videos) and the common good politics(6 videos), which address basic contents of the SDC. Available in three languages: Spanish, English and French; and accompanied by a worksheet for each video. All videos are also subtitled in their language.

Each video has a structure that responds to the See-Judge-Act method.

  • The See: Presents everyday scenes that raise questions.
    The Judge: Make an exposition of the contents of the chapter from the vision of the DSI.
    The Act: Poses clues or questions for commitment.

The videos have a minimum duration of two minutes and a maximum of five.

The multimedia development of this proposal has been carried out by Cinco Panes and it has been founded by the International Solidarity Fund (ISF).

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