People’s dignity

Our dignity, who or what gives it to us? The money? The fame? The things? The laws? None of that. We have it since our birth. Each person is unique and he or she must be respected in his or her singularity. However, a lot of situations are fighting against that respect. Being unique does not mean clothing or speaking in one way or another.

Solidarity with impoverished people

Are the poor born in such a condition? There are a lot of kind of poor (with no money, energetic poor, working poor…), but their existence is unnatural. Poor people are not grown from the earth like wheat. What a harvest I have!

Bases and senses of the political community

We are living bad times for the common good. Hedonistic and individualistic society undermines the foundations of social and political life. Individual interests and conveniences are imposed on the common good needs.

Bases and senses of the political community 2

The searching for common good demands the constant searching for others welfare the same way as the own welfare. This way, every form of social organization has sense according to the common good. That is, according to the creation of social conditions where self-realization of people can be achieved. There are two implications:

Solidarity and subsidiarity

The common good. Let’s imagine its searching as a labyrinth where we must reach the center. In that case, solidarity would be the very map and subsidiarity would be the marks inside the map. The hedonistic and individualistic society has deformed reality turning it into a good feeling without consequences on our way of living nor our social organization.

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