Bases and senses of the political community 2

The searching for common good demands the constant searching for others welfare the same way as the own welfare. This way, every form of social organization has sense according to the common good. That is, according to the creation of social conditions where self-realization of people can be achieved. There are two implications:

  • Big or small, associations must be guided according to the searching of common good among their members.
  • But they must not be guided by particular interest. It is always fundamental to consider how their actions are affecting impoverished people.

However, it’s important to remember that no person nor association can achieve the common good by themselves. They need a bigger community, and that point is the beginning of the so-called political community, which legitimacy and existence reason is based on the searching for the common good.

Inside the political community, the State has as its main responsibility to ensure for general welfare inside social life. We can point five important points.

  • To ensure respect for the promotion of human rights.
  • To harmonize all different interests present on social life according to common good perspective, paying special attention to impoverished people needs.
  • To avoid the subordination of common good below particular interests.
  • To focus efforts towards justice. Everyone must have the basics to live a dignified life.
  • To support the development of a social tissue.

DSI sentence

Every civil authority must strive to promote the common good in the interest of all.

John XXIII, Pacem in terris n.56


What do you think is more needed around us in order to reach the aim that both people and social organizations search for the common good better and more?

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