Democracy as political system

The political community, the social tissue, can be organized in different ways. Although the Catholic Church does not identify itself with any of these forms, it considers some of them unacceptable because they don’t respect the person’s dignity.

Social Doctrine considers the democracy as the better way to organize political life. However, none of the actual democratic systems is perfect. We need to commit to the searching for democratic models which serve people in a fulness way. Democracy must be permanently building itself. To achieve that, it must repose over three fundamental pillars.

  • The same dignity of people, which demands the searching for the common good and to live solidarity
  • Liberty and responsibility of people
  • Consideration of people as active subjects, not as objects

Democracy has to be a social order building conditions to effectively live the liberty, equality, and justice. This way, when justice is made over every person’s dignity, each person can satisfy his or her humanity without the existence of excluded.But building this democratic system it’s only possible having a passion for The Common, leaving outside individualism. That implies a responsibility for the others and for the common good. We must aim to the common good from liberty.

Democracy needs citizens growing on democratic values. If that is not accomplished, democracy is poor and weak.

It’s a fundamental task that people grow on feeling responsible for The Common and on searching for a project of common coexistence based on our diversity.

DSI sentence

An authentic democracy is not merely the result of a formal observation of a set of rules but is the fruit of a convinced acceptance of the values that inspire democratic procedures: the dignity of every human person, the respect of human rights, commitment to the common good as the purpose and guiding criterion for political life.

Social Doctrine Compendium n. 407


According to this video, What are the most important deficiencies in our democracy performance? What do you think we should change?

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